• Houston Houston ranks among the top U.S. cities for job growth, affordability, diversity and cultural enrichment. Our city features the largest medical center in the world and more Fortune 500 companies than anywhere outside of New York.
  • Your Future Starts Here Inside or outside of the classroom, HBU provides a foundation you will build upon the rest of your life.
  • Excellence in Teaching By combining faith, reason and liberal arts into one core curriculum, HBU creates an education that’s based not only on technical training, but the teachings of Christ, reason, and the past successes and failures of humanity.
  • Campus Life At HBU, we live, learn and worship together, and enjoy the unexpected moments that make the college experience meaningful.
  • Beautiful Campus Carefully planned to blend convenience with the ability to connect to others in meaningful ways, HBU’s campus is designed as a complex of buildings surrounding a central mall.
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